Sunday, May 29, 2011

Top 10 Nailpolishes for Summer

Everyone needs to liven up their toes and hands with some pretty colour for summer. Colour is very much in this summer and i decided to pick out top 10 nail polish colours i think is a must for summer.  Hope you enjoy!

Number1 is yellow, its so sunny! Chanel was the first to make yellow the 'in' colour for summer, since then other nailpolish companies have started making yellow polishes. A cheaper alternative is OPI Need Sunglasses?

Number 2 is 'Tasmanian Devil made me do it' by OPI is a beautiful, really strong orange colour. Bright and colourful for summer :)
This picture in my words really doesnt show the real colour, it reminds more of like red. hmmm.

Number 3 is a pink colour called 'Big Hair..Big Nails' and has a hue of purpley blueish? Its pretty!

Number 4 is a very nude neutral colour and its by OPI called Sweetheart. Very basic and a must have in my opinion.

Number 5 on my list is the essie nailpolish called 'Carousel Coral'. Its a really pretty peachy pink and i think one of my favorites, so cute for the toe nails :)

Number 6 is of course a minty colour! You cant go wrong with a mint coloured nail polish, it has been in for a while and i think by now everyone should have one! This one again is by essie and is called 'Mint Candy Apple' and is just a very light minty colour, its awesome!

Number 7 is called 'Sand Tropez' by essie and its just a very light brown/nude kind of a colour which i think is pretty basic for summer.

Number 8 is 'Plumberry' by essie, a really pretty pink colour that i love. I love pink for summer.

Number 9 is very similar to the mint colour but this is more shiny and has a lot more hint of Turquoise. This is by essie and is called 'Turquoise and caicos'

And for number 10 i just felt like i had to put the basic Red nailpolish. Its just so sexy in my opinion, works for every occation. this one is called 'Russian Roulette' by essie.

So thats that! I just want to state that these colours are in my opinion the top 10 summer nail polishes, and as you can see i really like more warm pinkish girly colours :p
im just such a girl!

until next time

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