Sunday, May 29, 2011

Top 10 Nailpolishes for Summer

Everyone needs to liven up their toes and hands with some pretty colour for summer. Colour is very much in this summer and i decided to pick out top 10 nail polish colours i think is a must for summer.  Hope you enjoy!

Number1 is yellow, its so sunny! Chanel was the first to make yellow the 'in' colour for summer, since then other nailpolish companies have started making yellow polishes. A cheaper alternative is OPI Need Sunglasses?

Number 2 is 'Tasmanian Devil made me do it' by OPI is a beautiful, really strong orange colour. Bright and colourful for summer :)
This picture in my words really doesnt show the real colour, it reminds more of like red. hmmm.

Number 3 is a pink colour called 'Big Hair..Big Nails' and has a hue of purpley blueish? Its pretty!

Number 4 is a very nude neutral colour and its by OPI called Sweetheart. Very basic and a must have in my opinion.

Number 5 on my list is the essie nailpolish called 'Carousel Coral'. Its a really pretty peachy pink and i think one of my favorites, so cute for the toe nails :)

Number 6 is of course a minty colour! You cant go wrong with a mint coloured nail polish, it has been in for a while and i think by now everyone should have one! This one again is by essie and is called 'Mint Candy Apple' and is just a very light minty colour, its awesome!

Number 7 is called 'Sand Tropez' by essie and its just a very light brown/nude kind of a colour which i think is pretty basic for summer.

Number 8 is 'Plumberry' by essie, a really pretty pink colour that i love. I love pink for summer.

Number 9 is very similar to the mint colour but this is more shiny and has a lot more hint of Turquoise. This is by essie and is called 'Turquoise and caicos'

And for number 10 i just felt like i had to put the basic Red nailpolish. Its just so sexy in my opinion, works for every occation. this one is called 'Russian Roulette' by essie.

So thats that! I just want to state that these colours are in my opinion the top 10 summer nail polishes, and as you can see i really like more warm pinkish girly colours :p
im just such a girl!

until next time

The Perfect Summer Make-up

So im in a blogging mood, and im going to use it to write another post, this time about Make up, and how to rock it in the summer!

They key to looking good in summer is fresh clean skin and not alot of cakey make up, you want your natural beauty to stand out!
Coral, peachy and pastel colours are all very inn this summer, so definitely use that.

Step 1: Cleanse your face of all dirt (do this morning and night to avoid unwanted filled up pores!) and apply a good moisturizer, preferably SPF 15 or along those lines if you are going to be in the sun, you want your skin to be protected!

Step 2; Apply a tinted moisturizer or a light foundation (a tip: put a little bit of your favorite moisturizer into your foundation to make it lighter on your skin) over your face and blend it in to your neck, and you can either use just your hands or a foundation brush. Everyday i use the body shop foundation called The Body Shop Moisture foundation SPF 15, and it gives a great even, light to medium coverage (

Step 3; Apply concealer to your dark circles, and to lighten up the area around the eyes! I usually just use my ring finger to blend it out around my eyes. (make sure to use your ring finger because its not to harsh on your delicate skin around your eyes)

Step 4; Set your foundation with some powder. To avoid the cakey look and keep your skin looking a bit more ''dooey'' for summer then i recommend a Translucent powder. Put some on a powder brush and apply evenly over your face, dont apply to much though.

Step 5; Bronzer! Apply a good bronzer along you cheekbones, maybe a little on your forehead, jawline or along your nose( in very very light motion so you dont get to much product on your face)  and blend well. If you have any acne or pimples around your cheeks then avoid using a shimmery bronzer as the sun will reflect on it more and it will pick your acne/pimples more up, which we dont want! Benefit has some good bronzer and i strongly recommend checking them out at or you can check out NARS.

Step 6; Get a summer pinky glow with some blush! You can use a cream pinkish blush for a more natural look, and that is great for summer, but if you prefer powder blushes then go for a peachy with a hint of pink and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, just smile and blend well.

Step 7; Take a brown eyeliner pencil (black is to harsh for summer) and apply along your lower lashes but dont put it in the waterline. You can also line your top lashes for a more full lash effect, and if you do so make sure you go really well into the roots of the eyelashes and dont make the line to thick, you want to look natural. Take some white or ivory eyeshadow and apply all over your eyelids and under your eyebrow to get a highlight. Then you should proceed to filling in your eyebrows with an angled brush and some eyeshadow that fits your hair colour, if you are a blonde just take a taupe coloured eyeshadow and fill  them inn.

Step 8; Take a nude lipliner and line your lips in lighty and for a really summery look take a coral lipstick. it will really brighten up your face and your outfit, so dont be afraid to wear it :)

 M.A.C Lipstick 'So Chaud'  is a perfect subtle hint of coral and red. Its beautiful for summer and will definitely bring some colour to our faces. 

thank you for reading, and hope this was helpful! 
dont forget you are beautiful

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Shoes! well wedges!

For me, in the summer time, shoes make a huge huge difference! They can change and spice up the whole outfit, and bring it to a whole new level. For summer, i personally love the feel of Wedges, there is just something so beachy and summery feel to wearing wedges with a floral or white dress, i think its super cute.

i think these wedges are very cute, reminds me of the beach and just all in all summer time! They are very plain and simple which is perfect

This floral topshop dress is so simple and summery and can easily be paired with a cute cardigan, bead bracelets and of course some black wedges. 

You can buy this dress at for $48

In Iceland, closed wedges are very much in style, personally i dont think they are very summery but if you cant walk to well on super tiny heels (like me, i just dont have balance) they would look hot in the fall/winter time. Or maybe just for an evening out in the summer time and you want a little more edgier look :)

this is the style alot of icelandic girls have been rocking.

I hope you all like my first blog entry! Decided to do something simple, such as wedges, and i hope you all have a pair of super cute wedges for the summer time, i honestly think they are a must! 

wish you all well and until next time