Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shoes! well wedges!

For me, in the summer time, shoes make a huge huge difference! They can change and spice up the whole outfit, and bring it to a whole new level. For summer, i personally love the feel of Wedges, there is just something so beachy and summery feel to wearing wedges with a floral or white dress, i think its super cute.

i think these wedges are very cute, reminds me of the beach and just all in all summer time! They are very plain and simple which is perfect

This floral topshop dress is so simple and summery and can easily be paired with a cute cardigan, bead bracelets and of course some black wedges. 

You can buy this dress at for $48

In Iceland, closed wedges are very much in style, personally i dont think they are very summery but if you cant walk to well on super tiny heels (like me, i just dont have balance) they would look hot in the fall/winter time. Or maybe just for an evening out in the summer time and you want a little more edgier look :)

this is the style alot of icelandic girls have been rocking.

I hope you all like my first blog entry! Decided to do something simple, such as wedges, and i hope you all have a pair of super cute wedges for the summer time, i honestly think they are a must! 

wish you all well and until next time

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