Wednesday, June 22, 2011! and where'd i go?

So today i watched a video by xsparkage (leesha) and she mentioned beautylish as a way to put your youtube and general name out there, so i immediately joined this awesome site and have been posting a couple of things here and there and trying to advertise this lovely blog and my youtube.
Im new so im horrible at editing, i barely have any subscribers and i doubt anyone reads this blogs but i really dont mind, this is what i actually love, and if im lucky i'll get discovered and if not, to  bad i wont stop doing this. I  just need to stop being so shy and worried about the way i talk or sound or my accent! :)

Also, sorry i havent blogged for a month! i lost my password :$  i really am horrible with remembering passwords haha but i retrieved it and all is well that ends well!

Hope you stay tuned in for more blogs, maybe i'll do an outfit of the day blog on here? its an idea worth thinking about :)

My youtube where i do random videos of fashion and beauty!

see you all  next time and check out!


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  1. found you on beautylish and now i'm a new follower, looks like xsparkage advice worked !!! if you have a chance please check out my blog as well.