Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Elf tone correcting concealer! small review!


so about a week or two ago i went and bought the Elf correcting concealer, mainly because i saw it was cheap  and i had lost faith in most concealers i've tried :/ (concealers are EXPENSIVE in iceland so havent tried to many). I honestly didnt have to much hope for but i tried it out and  i mainly just use it under my eyes, round my nose and on other reddish areas and i feel that  it brightens up the area more then conceals it, but it does conceal as well just not greatly.

the applicator is just a sponge one, pretty neutral on it, i just think there doesnt come to much product on it because its a sponge, but thats alright by me:)

I have quite bad darkish blue under circles and even though it doesnt cover them up completely like i would like it to, it does a decent job for a 4us$ concealer:D. i use it in the mornings before i go to school and then i just powder over it (dont want cakey makeup + im lazy). Wouldnt recommend it if you want your dark circles just gone, but if you want to look more awake and brighter then this one is great and cheap! And if you are wondering, i got the color Ivory because i have such a fair skintone!

ELF products  are always interesting to try out in my opinion because they are cheap and good quality, cant wait to try out some more products from them, i dont think they'll disappoint me.

What is your opinion on ELF products? Good or bad? Comment and tell me:)

until next time
love anna

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogs back on and rainboots! yay!

Hey guys and girls and all of you peeps that are reading this!
So as you may know, or not :'D, i kinda just sucked at blogging and didnt put much effort into it and just took a break mainly because i wasnt motivated AT ALL! Wasnt the right time in my life to blog and stuff, very chaotic. BUT NOW, i got my life on track and all that hunkajunka and i have decided to just start being a good and loyal blogger, therefore i have decided to give up on youtube, its not really my scene and i like blogging more... so just follow my blog !

So yes, not making any promises but will try to rave about a couple of beauty products and fashion and such. Right now its raining raining RAAAAINING, so summers over and im just getting into the winter/fall habit feel of wearing warm stuff, haha its going alright.. miss my summer outfits though:(
I have these super cute rainboots, that were pretty expensive, but i mean i wanted like those hunter ones but they dont have them in iceland (surprised? im not) so i just got whatever epicly awsome ones i could find and i found these PURPLE ones with WHITE POLKA DOTS! doesnt that sound so cute!? it is!
they look like this, expect a dark purple colour not black. uber cute and i love them. One thing, rainboots are not comfy haha, its kind of hard to drive in them, and walking isnt too easy either! haha but whatever i'll live cos i look damn cute! heehee

so yeah thats pretty much it for this blog post..
but theres a couple of things coming up that are make up related :D reviews and stuff which im exited about, maybe i'll review one later today if im not to tired from school and work:)

so look out for all of that:)

lots of love,