Thursday, September 1, 2011

Blogs back on and rainboots! yay!

Hey guys and girls and all of you peeps that are reading this!
So as you may know, or not :'D, i kinda just sucked at blogging and didnt put much effort into it and just took a break mainly because i wasnt motivated AT ALL! Wasnt the right time in my life to blog and stuff, very chaotic. BUT NOW, i got my life on track and all that hunkajunka and i have decided to just start being a good and loyal blogger, therefore i have decided to give up on youtube, its not really my scene and i like blogging more... so just follow my blog !

So yes, not making any promises but will try to rave about a couple of beauty products and fashion and such. Right now its raining raining RAAAAINING, so summers over and im just getting into the winter/fall habit feel of wearing warm stuff, haha its going alright.. miss my summer outfits though:(
I have these super cute rainboots, that were pretty expensive, but i mean i wanted like those hunter ones but they dont have them in iceland (surprised? im not) so i just got whatever epicly awsome ones i could find and i found these PURPLE ones with WHITE POLKA DOTS! doesnt that sound so cute!? it is!
they look like this, expect a dark purple colour not black. uber cute and i love them. One thing, rainboots are not comfy haha, its kind of hard to drive in them, and walking isnt too easy either! haha but whatever i'll live cos i look damn cute! heehee

so yeah thats pretty much it for this blog post..
but theres a couple of things coming up that are make up related :D reviews and stuff which im exited about, maybe i'll review one later today if im not to tired from school and work:)

so look out for all of that:)

lots of love,


  1. Nice to see you are so motivated to be back ! have fun, keep blogging !


  2. Hey, I found you on beautylish! I really wish it were raining here in Los Angeles :(

    Feel free to check out my blog!

    I talk about makeup, beauty, and life there as well. Have a great week!

  3. Wow those boots are really cute! :) Looking forward to your posts :)